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Colin Williamson on Storytelling

I’m a talker

Oral Storytelling is an intimate engagement between a storyteller and his or her audience. I’m from the traditional storytelling fraternity that was taught by my father and grandfather before, so I have a deep understanding of this mediums links to the past.

Almost a dying art form, I chose to expand my knowledge and formalise my craft by working with the Scottish Storytelling Centre in Edinburgh. Today I am an accredited storyteller with 1000’s of reads under my belt, entertaining and informing a wide variety of audiences from around the world and age groups.

Traditional storytelling is taken from memory and as a visual thinker I immerse my thoughts into the story so much, I can actually hear the clank of the swords or the smell of the cordite from the guns. All of which leaves my audience with a vivid memory of the story, almost if they were there.

The challenge for any storyteller is to have that deep engagement with the audience and whilst I prefer & provide live events, I recognise that the wider community would benefit from downloadable short stories.To that end, I have several stories “In the can” as it were which can be purchased.

Interested in buying one of these stories? drop me a mail using the contact form below, alternatively if you have a story project in mind and would like to discuss it in more depth or just have a question regarding storytelling.

Need to book me now? Check out my calendar where you can select from a number of preformatted service packages.

My daily commitment and schedule allow time for storytelling appointments to be honoured during the day, evenings and weekends by prior arrangement.

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