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 Is Storyteller Coaching for me?

Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced teller, everyone is welcome to my workshops.

Offering step by step storytelling coaching, in small groups and in one to one sessions, with no pressure, at a pace that is right for you.

– Storyteller Coaching from Colin Williamson

Storytelling is an ancient cultural and very much intimate act of sharing stories. Traditionally told orally by the clan or tribe elders around the camp fire. Often with added embellishments to enhance the listener’s experience, it incorporated the storyteller’s own personality.

Not restricted just to the spoken word, storytelling can also be found in poetry and song. For example, today many songs tell the story of love, death, happiness and sadness.

You may find this strange but storytelling is also used in business. If done correctly it’s a super effective way to communicate in a business, from a team brief to a CEO announcement. By putting the story in relatable context, the listener can be more engaged in what is being spoken about rather than them switching off after a few minutes and you losing the audience.

Many sales people have now embraced storytelling as part of their everyday calls and meetings. Enabling them to bring value in their proposition by using key storyteller techniques of empathy, improvisation & vocal variation.

As an advocate of lifelong learning, for me, it’s important you get enjoyment from what you’re doing. In my workshops, baby steps are absolutely fine. Some people race through the programme, others take longer. Just realise that there is no pressure to push through to the next level if you feel you’re not ready.
At the top of this page, the question “Is storyteller Coaching for me?” was posed. If the answer one of the following questions is YES, then my storyteller workshop is probably right for you.
  • I want to grow my confidence in communication or public speaking

  • I have a disability and want to grow my confidence in communication

  • I’m interested in how stories can be used in education

  • I’ve always wanted to be a storyteller

  • I’d love to be able to tell compelling stories to others

  • I want to engage my customers using effective storytelling techniques

  • I’m looking for a new career with low initial outlay which can tap into my creativity

If you have any questions complete the contact form below.

I look forward to hearing from you soon & together, start you on the journey to becoming a Storyteller. 🙂


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